A Grand Adventure in Grand Lake(and a quick stop in Estes Park)


Sometimes the greatest adventures lie the closest to home, where all you have to do is hop in your and drive a couple hours to feel like you are really far away.

This was the case for our last adventure in Grand Lake, Colorado. We both worked that Saturday morning and decided to basically have the car packed and ready to leave Golden at 4:30 sharp. When are ready for vacation, we are REALLY ready for it.

We decided to start our vacation at a little place called Bread Bar in the tiny, tiny town of Silver Plume. Seriously, this town is so tiny that if you blink while driving on I70 you might just miss it. I’m pretty sure this might be the only thing in Silver Plume and it’s totally worth checking out if you love a good craft cocktail! The decor is also to die for with a very eclectic, trendy, mountain home feel on the inside and a really awesome back patio with incredible views. It was a great way to start our trip!

After a couple drinks at Bread, we were on our way to Grand Lake. The drive itself was very pretty and there were great views all the way there. It took us about two hours to get there and we were starving as we pulled into town. We opted for the town favorite, Sagebrush BBQ and Grill for a bite to eat before we retired to our house rental for the night. They have a great variety of food and a full bar. This is definitely a local hang-out as the bar was full of townies. We didn’t stay long, but we did end up coming back here a couple days later to eat again.

Our house rental was a personal friend’s rental and he was kind enough to let us rent it for the weekend and the views were immaculate. It was a little ways out of the town itself, but it was the perfect spot. It was quiet, we saw a ton of wildlife(including a young moose that hung out in the neighborhood) and we didn’t have internet. It was actually quite lovely not having to rely on streaming video in the evenings. We hung out on the patio and took in the views of the lake, stars, and just enjoying the quiet of it all. We called it a night pretty early and woke up pretty early the next day ready to adventure…

IMG_0227 (2)

The next morning we woke up early to grab some breakfast in town before the crowds started to rush in. We opted for the cutest little place called the Fat Cat Cafe which is an adorable little spot right in the middle of downtown that is a breakfast buffet! They had so many options including eggs, meats, quiche, and a whole table of just desserts that I did not even make it to because everything else filled me up. I highly recommend this place! Now that we had eaten, we were ready for the kayak adventure we were about to embark on. We decided to rent a tandem kayak for three hours. One hour didn’t seem like enough, so we opted for the three hour option for the better deal. It ended up being $100 and it was money well spent. As we cruised around Grand Lake, we looked at all the lake houses and decided to go through to Shadow Lake and check out that area. I’m really glad we did because we saw two moose hanging out on the shore. I have never seen them up that close before which was really fun, but also a kind of scary experience. Keep in mind that moose are mean, very mean, sometimes. If you put their babies in the equation, they might just kill you. You think I’m joking, but DO NOT MESS WITH THEM or get too close. We admired them from a distance as we paddled around.

After our arms were so tired we felt they were going to fall off(and the incoming rainstorm) we decided to paddle back to the shore and head home to change out of our wet clothes and get ready to explore the Grand Lake Cemetery. I realize that it’s not everyone’s top choice of vacation activities, but as a photographer I find that sometimes this is one of the most interesting places to take photos. The amount of history here is absolutely amazing and there are some very eerie grave stones. Some of them don’t even have names on them, and some are marked unknown. It was a fun hour to walk around  and explore something new.

IMG_0243 (2)IMG_0252 (2)IMG_0250IMG_0248

After the cemetery we drove to the tip of Rocky Mountain National Park where we didnt actually drive into the park itself, but we caught some great views and a whole bunch of elk and some more moose!

IMG_0261 (2)IMG_0271 (2)

The next day we decided to do a nearby hike called the Colorado River Trail that was only a couple miles long. It had some very pretty views and was just challenging enough, but they were also doing a ton of work in the area and a lot of the trees were cut down to help prevent fire danger. The benefit was we only saw a couple other people on the trail and it was lovely and quiet. There were some great photo opportunities and we saw another moose! The trail takes you down by the river where there are benches to just relax and listen to the water, or you can even take a little picnic down there if you wanted.

We arrived to our last day in Grand Lake and decided to grab a quick coffee and breakfast at The Hub before we ventured to Adam’s Falls for a quick hike. It’s a quick half mile up and you can choose to continue to hike beyond the falls if you want. We just went up and came back down because we were about to head to Rocky Mountain National Park for the rest of the day.


Rocky Mountain National Park is worth the trip in itself, but keep in mind that it gets pretty busy in the summer months. People are not always very smart either. They will stop dead in the middle of the road if they see an animal so be sure to drive carefully!

We decided to drive to Estes Park which is on the other side of RMNP. The drive was gorgeous and had many moments to photograph. There are many overlooks with historical signage to learn more about the park itself and it’s history.

IMG_0301 (2)

After the drive(and many stops in between to take photos) we decided to hike to a waterfall. We decided to do Alberta Falls since it was a pretty short one at 1.6 miles round-trip. It’s a great chance to see Bear Lake as well since it’s right there. There are many to choose from, but we just opted for one that wasn’t going to take as long since we already went on a hike that morning!

IMG_0306 (2)

IMG_0302 (2)

IMG_0312 (2)

IMG_0308 (2)

IMG_0321 (2)

IMG_0309 (2)

After the hike, we decided to go into Estes Park and go to one of our favorite spots, The Stanley Hotel!

IMG_0342 (2)

Some other facts about The Stanley…

  • It was the INSPIRATION for the book/movie The Shining. Stephen King stayed here for awhile and was inspired when he stayed in one of the most haunted rooms. A lot of people believe that the movie was filmed here. BUT…
  • Dumb and Dumber was definitely filmed here. The famous staircase is where they are handing out money to all the people who work at the hotel. The hotel bar was where Jim Carey sat and waited for his date that would never come. Jim Carey also stayed in one of the most haunted rooms but did not make it through the night, he still wont talk about why or what happened!
  • F.O Stanley(Stanley Steamer fame) arrived in Estes Park in 1903 and opened the Stanley Hotel in 1940.
  • The hotel is known to be very haunted, but specifically Room 217. The hotel offers ghost tours and the Ghost Hunters tv show even filmed here once.

If we are in the area, we will always try to stop and order an Old Fashioned at their bar. The Stanley Hotel is known for their whiskey, they literally have walls of it!

IMG_0326 (2)

If whiskey isn’t your thing, they have many other choices! One of my personal favorite is the Redrum Cocktail based on The Shining of course! 😉


We walked around the property a little bit before calling it a day and making the trek back to Golden. It was a great trip with great company! Till the next one!






Day Trippin to Evergreen

I can hardly believe that it is February. Life has been great going into 2017 thus far. I have been working per usual, and trying to fit in little adventures here and there. I live in Denver, Colorado and I have for about 7 years. There are many reasons I stay here even though my soul seems to feel the need to wander. One of the top reasons being the close-ness to so many different things.

Today happened to be a day off after 7 in a row. I was exhausted by the end of last night but I knew the weather was going to be bitchin. 73 degrees in February is a nice surprise. To have the day off and being able to get out and take advantage is wonderful. I decided to take the drive up to Lair O’The Bear Open Space in Idledale(about 30 minutes from Denver near Red Rocks Amphitheater). I brought my partner in crime, Lucy, to have some fun in the sun as well.


There was a nice little creek running through the park that Lucy took advantage of before and after our small hike. After a short swim for her, we headed up the hill for one of the hiking loops around the park. It was gorgeous day and the part where we hiked was pretty quiet on a Wednesday afternoon. Parts were challenging as there were still ice and slippery conditions for some parts. I have heard there was a castle somewhere nearby, but I never saw it. Maybe next time.

After a mile and a a half our loop was coming to an end. It was time for a beer in Evergreen(because why not? It’s only a few miles up the road!)  Lucy and I stopped at Lariat Lodge Brewing and it felt like a mini mountain oasis. It is just on the edge of town and you have to drive up a little hill to get to it. They have a dog friendly area where you can enjoy a beer with your fur babies, you just have to serve yourself. I ordered a Lariat Lodge IPA which was a really great American Style IPA. I also ordered a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich and fries at the bar as well. The sandwich was just meh in my opinion, but when you are a brewery I suppose great quality beer is what is most important. The views here are awesome and made for a mostly relaxing afternoon, besides the loud children banging rocks on the table behind me. Do they seriously go to school anymore?


I do love Evergreen, and try to make the quick trip over when the days are nice and I’m not working. I have also visited Evergreen Brewery and Tap House after trips to Elk Meadow Dog Park. Not only do they brew their own beer, they also carry other popular local beers. Their food was also phenomenal! I had a veggie sandwich with a cup of tomato basil soup. So good!


There are a lot of things do in the Evergreen area, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. I have seen elk and deer many times just strolling around. Evergreen Lake is also very pretty and you have a good chance of spotting some wildlife there.

On your way out of town stop at Espresso Evergreen for a Caramel Macchiato and a treat for the pup!

My First 14er! And Broken Compass Brewing in Breckenridge, CO.


I’m going to throw it all the way back to Labor Day on this one. I started a draft awhile back, but writing had to come to a halt for a bit. Life has been busy, and sometimes things get put on the back-burner. I just couldn’t not post about this accomplishment that has been on the bucket list for a long time.

We woke up to leave Denver at 4:45 AM. You always want to set out early for these things because of risk of afternoon storms(lightning specifically). We had a two hour drive ahead of us to Breckenridge where my first 14’er, Quandary Peak, awaited. After a quick stop at 7/11 for gas, coffee, and protein bars we were on the way. I would like to say that the drive was beautiful, but it was still dark until we got to the trail-head. With that being said, be very cautious when it comes to animals wandering onto the highways.


We arrived just before 7 AM and the sun was starting to make an appearance. There were a lot of other people starting to migrate in the parking lot and bundling up. It was a chilly 29 degrees when we arrived. I had come prepared with Under Armour and lots of layers! I also made sure to bring a coat for the top of the peak because the winds often pick up and it is COLD. Layers are definitely key. Comfortable shoes are also important. I wore my Nike tenny’s with the most traction and they worked just fine.

The climb up was a challenge for sure. Many people on the trail were stopping to catch their breath as Quandary Peak is pretty much all vertical all the way to the top. The bottom is dirt and more like a steep hiking trail, as you climb more to the top it turns into pure rock and you are using muscles that you did not know you had. We stopped and took many breaks and there was no shame in that. These hikes are hard on your body and your lungs, especially if you are not used to the elevation. Always have water handy and bring protein snacks or dried fruit to help give yourself an extra energy boost when getting closer to the top. Though you may feel that all you can focus on is the pain in your legs and chest, take a look around and admire the beauty that you are trekking through. This time of year provided leaves changing colors and beautiful mountain views. Many have claimed to see mountain goats when they hike here, but we had no such luck on this day.

After 3.5 hours of hiking, we finally made it to the top of the peak. I have never seen anything like the views that I was taking in. There was 365 degrees of beauty around us and it has a way of making you feel like a tiny ant on this huge peak. I, of course, had enjoyed a beer at the top of peak and took in the beauty for as long as we could handle the wind chill.


It took another two hours to climb down, and some of the really steep parts hurt my toes as we climbed down. We got to the car and it never felt so good to sit down. We had also never been so excited to eat lunch. We drove into Breckenridge and found a restaurant on Main St that had a little bit of everything. After we finished eating, we drove to Broken Compass Brewing to reward our labors with some cold beers. This little brewery has some awesome beers! I had specifically been hearing about the Coconut Porter and had to give it a whirl. It was SO. GOOD. There are a lot of Coconut beers where you have to wonder where the flavor is. This beer had the perfect amount of flavor and resembled the taste of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. We also ordered a flight and tried a few others.


The taproom was really cool and had a ski chair as a table inside. They also had some barstools (that were all full when we arrived) as well as a patio area. We chose the barrel with the two chairs around it and enjoyed people(and dog watching). I ended up bringing a growler of the coconut porter home with me that day and I’m kind of wishing I had some right now.


Homesick for Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


It sure has been awhile since I have had time to blog. I am very fortunate to work at such a great place, but it also takes away a lot of my free time in the summer. So here I am with a Monday off, a little bit of rain in the forecast, and a little free time.

I took a little trip back to the place I grew up a couple months ago. We happened to have a long weekend and decided to make the trek down South from Denver. Pagosa Springs is about 5.5 hours South of Denver so it’s not a short drive. In my opinion, you need at least 2 full days in Pagosa to grasp all it’s small mountain town glory.

From Denver, I recommend taking Hwy 285. In my opinion it’s the fastest and prettiest drive to get here. Once you see signs for “The Overlook” when you are coming down Wolf Creek Pass, you have begun your journey!

  • Take a photo at the Overlook on your way into town(or out). It’s one of the prettiest views in Colorado in my opinion.
The Overlook. See my Instagram at lindstagrams228
  • Get out and stretch your legs at Treasure Falls.  Just a couple miles from the Overlook you will find a huge waterfall with a small hike to get up to it. If you like waterfalls like I do, you will enjoy getting out of the car for a few minutes to check it out.

    treasure falls
    Treasure Falls
  • Find a Campsite. There are many camping options in the Pagosa Springs area, but I personally love Jackson Mountain. Another few miles down the pass heading into Pagosa Springs, you will see signs on the right for Jackson Mountain. Drive in a couple miles and you will start seeing areas to camp. Camping is a personal preference for me, but there are lots of hotel options in Pagosa Springs as well.
  • Grab a Beer! Anyone who knows me, knows that breweries are like a destination for me. I love to go new places and try new styles. Though Riff Raff Brewing is not new territory for me, it is a destination I try to stop at every time I am in town. This old Victorian house was a tea and brunch place for the longest time, and I am so happy that it is now a successful brewery owned by two of my local friends. The beer selection is amazing, and the food menu has a lot of great options for different tastes. My personal favorite beer that Riff Raff brews is Spruce Juice. It’s a lovely pale ale brewed with new growth from local spruce trees that has been featured at Great American Beer Festival here in Denver. Not your thing? You are still likely to find something you like on draft here from their brews or brews on their guest tap.
  • Do some shopping. Pagosa Springs is a small town, but you can expect to find a couple nice local shops. It was too early for dinner after our beer stop so we decided to look around at a couple of the places that were open. A lot of these are right downtown all within walking distance of Riff Raff Brewing, Pagosa Hot Springs, and restaurants.
  • Grab some food! Beer and food go hand in hand for me. If there is a restaurant that has good beer, and also good food then we have a winner! One of my personal favorites in Pagosa Springs is Kip’s Grill & Cantina . Expect a very quaint space inside, a fairly large outdoor patio, excellent margaritas, and Baja-style tacos. Though they only have three beers on tap(one of them is PBR, and that will never change due to local demand)you can expect to find one from Ska Brewing in Durango and usually one from Riff Raff Brewing across the street. The spicy shrimp tacos are amazing and fresh and go great with an order of the Jalapeno poppers or vegetarian green chile queso. Kip’s also makes a mean margarita and I highly recommend one. Look for the chile pepper sign!


  • Visit the Hot Springs. There are two hot springs in Pagosa Springs and you can choose depending on your personal preference. There is the famous Pagosa Hot Springs along the San Juan River that is amazing in my opinion. Expect to pay around $30 to get in, so make a day of it if you can. I always recommend this one at least once just so you can experience it. There are many different pools with temps ranging from 80 to 115 degrees. This is a huge tourist destination so it can get very busy from time to time. The other option is the Overlook Hot Springs which I also really enjoy. It is right on the main strip downtown and has two indoor pools and a couple on the roof as well. You can also get a massage here if you are really interested in getting you full relax on. I recommend these in the evening when the weather is cooler.
Overlooking the San Juan River. 
  • Toss some discs. I love disc golf and there is a really cool disc golf course on Putt Hill right in the middle of town. We chose to get a little extra exercise and climb to the top to play. You can drive up most of the way if you want to though. We played all 18 holes and it took a couple hours. It’s a great way to get outside and walk around. We brought Lucy up with us and she had just as much fun running around. The course is pretty covered with shade so you stay pretty cool. There are places to buy discs for disc golf in town if you don’t have some already.


  • Eat breakfast at Pagosa Baking Co. Located right downtown, Pagosa Baking Co. offers an amazing selection of baked goods as well as breakfast burritos, quiche, and did I mention amazing coffee? Service comes with a smile and one of the local regulars will probably chat you up.
  • Play in the river. The San Juan River flows right through town and it is gorgeous. You can take a stroll along the river walk, stick your feet in and watch people on rafts and tubes float by. You can do these things yourself if you like playing in the water. Book a rafting trip with Pagosa Rafting when the water is high, rent tubes from the same place when the water is lower. Don’t forget…that water is freaking cold!


  • Eat lunch at Farrago Market Cafe. This place is one of my favorites in Pagosa Springs. They have yummy vegetarian options, great pizza, beer on tap, and a great patio! What more could you ask for?
  • Hike one of the many, many surrounding trails. Some of these trails are a little bit of trek, but you are guaranteed to find some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado that you will ever see. You can even hike to some natural hot springs that dont cost anything to soak in. Just be aware, it is the middle of the woods and clothing is optional. Click here for a list of hiking trails in the area. http://pagosa.com/pagosa-hiking/
  • Visit Pagosa Brewing Company. The very first brewery to open in Pagosa. Also a brewery with great selection and yummy food. My favorite beers here are the Peachy Peach and the Chile Verde Cerveza. Both have won awards at Great American Beer Festival. This location is uptown with the grocery store and gas station I go to, it’s a good stop on the way out of town.

That is about two days worth of stuff to do in Pagosa to keep you busy. These are things I tend to do when I go back to visit the place I basically grew up. Pagosa Springs is a true gem of a mountain town in Southwestern Colorado that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Durango is also an hour away and offers a lot of great dining, craft beer, and activities for outdoor enthusiasts alike if you have more time to spend in the area. I feel homesick for Pagosa Springs sometimes, but I love my life in the big city. It’s nice knowing that it’s only a long weekend trip away.