The Beer Scene in Cheyenne, WY(maybe some hauntings?!)

I had a rare weekend off from work so we decided to take a mini road-trip to somewhere we have never been before. I had never been to Wyoming, Nate knows I love haunted stuff, and it was a few days after our 5 year anniversary. Why not!?

We were on our way to Cheyenne and we were to stay at the haunted Plains Hotel right smack in the middle of downtown. We were also going to “beer venture” around Fort Collins and Cheyenne.

On our way to Cheyenne, we stopped in Fort Collins for Totally 80’s Pizza! If you are near the Fort Collins, Colorado area you have to “totally” stop by this place! Unless you hate the 80’s, and in that case you may not love it so much. The pizza was great but the little mini 80’s museum was even better.



After checking out this awesome place for lunch, we were off to our first brewery! Black Bottle Brewing is right around the corner from this place and they have a ton of options! Not only do they have a large selection of beers they have brewed in house, but they have a large list of visiting beers as well. I went with the Honey IPA and it was pretty good! It was a warm day and we were sitting on the patio in the sunshine. This beer was great for that! It was light and had all the hoppiness that an IPA should have. The honey finish was a nice touch since I’m a honey lover. 🙂 We also shared a Smoked Porter that may have been a little much for a warm day, but I was still a fan. I like smoky beers, though they may not be for everyone. They are definitely better in the winter or on colder days in my opinion, but to each their own. The brewery itself was cute, and definitely had something for everyone!


We decided to hit up Arc for a quick treasure search and then we were off to Wyoming for the night. The drive was not long at all from Fort Collins and we saw lots of antelope and even some bison.

Of course I had to get a picture of the “Welcome to Wyoming” sign and also one of downtown Cheyenne. It’s not very big at all. but it has it’s own charm and old West feel. We arrived at our hotel and it was creepily empty. The lobby was really pretty and reminded me of something out of the past. Apparently the reason it’s haunted is a murder/suicide of some guests in the 1900’s. The guy was a scumbag and was found with another woman on their wedding night. The angry distraught newlywed wife killed her new husband and his mistress and herself not long after. Apparently something fell or was pushed from the 4th floor as well. (Not only do I like beer, but also have an interest in haunted stuff!)

Since Cheyenne is very small, things close kinda early so we had to get a move on. Our first order of business was a brewery called Danielmarks Brewing. It was in a old looking house and was very charming.

photo cred to kgab

The inside is really cute as well, and it was starting to fill up as the wind and rain started up. We found two spots at the bar and ordered beers. I ordered a pale ale and Nate ordered the IPA they had. Both beers were pretty tasty and the brewery offered free popcorn! This brewery is still new to Cheyenne and they are working on some stuff still, but I thought it was great! I highly recommend it for it’s comfy atmosphere, good beer, and the friendly service. They have something that everyone would like! When in doubt, order a flight!

We took a dinner break and went to a really great Mexican restaurant that was a bit of a walk from Danielmarks, but well worth it. The restaurant was called Hacienda Guadalajara and did not disappoint. In the middle of our “beer venture” we decided to get Pomegranate margaritas. They were delicious and well worth it. The crab enchiladas and chips and salsa were enough to prepare us for our final brewery of the day. There are only two in Cheyenne, but with craft beer on the rise all over the country, I can foresee more in the future!

Freedom’s Edge was our last stop of the day and it was amazing! Definitely the highlight of Cheyenne for me. The space itself is really cute, and it was full of really friendly people. The beer list contains 8 beers that are all pretty different. The highlights for me were the strawberry mango wheat and the chili beer. I usually like the odd beers with enhanced flavors because I love to mix up my palate, especially when it comes to beer. We ordered a flight and tried them all. The chili beer had a little after kick, and is great for people who like spice.

After a flight and a game of Connect 4, we were off to “ghost hunt” which really ended up being us passing out. Nothing eventful happened in the way of hauntings during our stay in Cheyenne, but some great beer was had and it was a successful weekend!