Vegas Vacation!

Yes, it’s true.

I turned 30 a couple weeks ago and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

My twenties were so good to me! They were full of fun times, travel, life lessons, and hundreds of new friends throughout the years. I think the older we get, the more sentimental we become. I decided that I wanted to be with my family on this special milestone of my life, and what better way to celebrate a milestone than a trip to Las Vegas. My sister(who was pregnant at the time of our vacation, but not when we made it an official plan to go), and Mom, and my Grandma were all officially coming with me. That means three generations all together on a girls trip!

My sister wasn’t in Vegas yet! But we got this cute shot.

I could have had a “party hardy” Las Vegas trip, but I really wasn’t concerned with all those things like I used to be for every other birthday after I turned 21. All I wanted was some good food, good times, sunshine, and 5 days away from work and “life.”

I flew out of DIA on a Thursday morning and the wind was CRAZY! I’m not great at flying generally. I love to travel, but I always get a little nervous when it comes to heights and planes. The wind on this specific trip was not making it any easier on me. Lots of turbulence and a Dunkin Donut was probably not a great choice for breakfast(vacation, you know).

After a rough, scary landing, I navigated my way around the McCarren Airport to find my Mom and Grandma and we were off to Treasure Island. We used a shuttle service at the airport called Airline Shuttle that was $15 roundtrip that took you to the front door of your hotel and back to the airport, right to your airline. Just make sure to tip him a couple bucks. It’s a great way to avoid cabs and have some more money for the fun stuff. Speaking of cabs, I highly recommend downloading the Uber and/or Lyft app if you don’t have them on your phone already! They were a life saver. You can usually find a friend that has a code for a free ride or at least a percentage off of a ride. This was the only service we used for rides besides the shuttle.

Outside of Treasure Island at night!

Treasure Island was not a bad option for our hotel room for the timing. We were there for Chinese New Year and it was a very busy time to go. Ideally, we wanted something not bad on the pocket book but also something that was central to other hotels and things to do. Plus, you don’t spend a lot of time in your room so I never go for a super expensive room when I travel. TI is definitely not the nicest place you will find in Vegas but it fit our criteria. We also got pretty lucky on the slot machines there, as my sister and I both won over $100. There is a free tram that takes you to the Mirage and you are closer to Harrah’s and other resorts if you like to explore like I do!

We were in Vegas for 3 nights and 4 days, and these are the activities we did in that short amount of time…

  • Explored surrounding hotels. We went to the Mirage(not much to it honestly, not my favorite but the volcano show was ok) The Bellagio(the fountain show is a must see, they also have a botanical garden inside that changes it’s theme frequently) The Venetian(one of my personal favorites! the gondola, architecture, decor, and everything is amazing! The Grand Luxe restaurant inside has amazing food for a great price. I highly recommend it!) and Caesar’s Palace(probably my favorite hotel in Vegas. The shopping center is huge with so many various shops and of course a Fat Tuesday alcoholic slushie stand!)
  •  Went to old town Las Vegas and Fremont Street. We started with an amazing brunch at a restaurant called eat. I ate a delicious breakfast sandwich and I had some bites of my mom’s pancakes that were served with all-natural maple syrup. So good! After brunch, we walked across the street and walked through Container Park and took some photos of the gigantic Praying Mantis and continued to walk around and explore all the old signs, original vintage Las Vegas casinos, street performers, and shops. Lots of diversity and fun! We went during the day, and it was pretty mellow on a Friday afternoon. I hear the crowd is more lively at night, and all the lights are much prettier obviously.
This doesn’t even do this buffet justice. This was one of many plates.
  • Ate the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. Yes, it’s on the pricier side but we went big since it was a celebration. The food was amazing and they offered so much variety. I think I ate my weight in crab legs. 😉  They offered Mexican food, Asian food, meat/cheese/olive/cracker platter choices, salad bar, and much much more. It’s in a very nice atmosphere. Did I mention a very large gourmet dessert section? Yummy


  • Went and saw a Cirque du Soleil show and I highly recommend it to anyone. We saw the Mystere show that was at our hotel. There are other options, but this one was the first in Vegas and the performance was amazing. There is a bit of adult humor, but mostly just mind-blowing acts and people doing extreme things with their bodies. It blew all our minds and was probably our favorite thing that we did the whole time.


  • Pool time is a must if the weather is right. I had a few hours before my flight after everyone else had left and wanted to relax and enjoy some “me-time” before I went back home. The weather was perfect and I was able to enjoy a mimosa and a pina colada by the pool and get a little bit of color.
  • Playing slots is always fun for me, but I make sure to play them right. I only put $5 in at a time and play slowly. This way the drink lady comes around and gives you a free drink(just make sure to tip) and you don’t blow all your money in seconds. I played the Ghostbuster and Game of Thrones slots the most. I always pick the ones with fun bonus game features. I always make sure to cash out while I’m ahead and give myself limits, or else I would be in trouble.

I had an absolute blast in Vegas, but after four days I was definitely ready to get away from all the bright lights and slot machine sounds. I will never forget the awesome time that my family and I had together. Thirty has been great so far!