Being outside…a Colorado high all on it’s own


There are many reasons I have decided to call Colorado home.

All these reasons make me feel zen and make me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be at this time of my life. The outdoors are mostly what contribute to these zen feelings.

I work full-time at a job I love, but when I have my days off I look to life outside my door. I live right smack in the middle of Denver, Colorado which is about 40 minutes away from the mountains and I try to get out of the city when I can.

There is a little place I love in the Evergreen area called Elk Meadow Dog Park. The photo above was taken here in November when all the foliage was happening. This is a dog park/hiking trail and is a great way to exercise you and your pup. Obviously it’s better in the summer and fall months, but you can catch some days in the winter where it’s not too cold. It’s a scenic drive to Elk Meadow from Denver. Afterwards you can check out the adorable mountain town of Evergreen while you are on your adventure.

There are closer options to get outside if you don’t have the time to drive up to the mountains. Denver is home to many parks to enjoy the outdoors. My favorite park is Washington Park and I frequent this park most to run with my dog or just to enjoy outdoor activities. There are many other parks in the Denver area. Cheesman Park and City Park are two of my other favorite parks in the area.

Washington Park in the winter

No matter where you go outside, or what you do, it never feels bad. There are so many options and opportunities to leave your house and embrace the outside beauty that awaits you. Go skiiing or boarding, go hiking or camping, the list never ends.

I’m adding two things to my “Things that Make Denver Great” list. Elk Meadows Dog Park(even though it’s technically in Evergreen) and Washington Park. (Both pictured above) Enjoy!


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